New Introducing Cb Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker.

Free Full Fledge Auto Clicker With Best Two Modes Of Auto Clicking Functionality

Perfect Clicking Cb Autoclicker Perfect Clicking
Wide Range of Click Intervals Wide Click Interval Ranges
Multi Mode Autoclicker Multi Modes of Clicking
Easy Hotkeys Autoclicker Easy Hotkeys

Highly Demamded AI based Auto Clicker Tool

Now plan your clicks before than doing it manually. Use AI based developed free auto clicker tool.

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Best Auto Clicking AI Tool

Easy and Stunnig user interface AI based auto clicking tool is here.

Introducing our new product CB Auto Clicker The Best Auto Clicking Tool.

Perfect Cursor Position

Choose where you want to get land your clicks. Either with a current location or with a pick location.


Click Options

User can choose mouse buttons (Left/Right) and click type (Single, Double, Triple).

Repeat Clicks Ultimately

You can manually set your amount of clicks in a particular time interval or unlimited clicks.


Click Interval

click interval

User can easily set a Click Interval from a Wide range of 1 milliseconds to 100 of hours. These click intervals are the one which decides clicks between the certain time frame. Like yuo selected 1 second click interval so, clicks will be happen with 1 second of click interval.




Convenient and sharp hotkey function can work while the application in the background. Normally the Start and Stop function happen with the "S" key from your keyboard. Otherwise, you can also change hotkey according to your requirement!

Free To Download

free open source

CB Autoclicker is freely available on its official site to download. It is 100% open source for use. We made this amazing tool for pro gamers and the one who want to boost up their working speed.



Once you download and install CB Auto Clicker from its official site, you are all set to use it. You simply need to do some primary settings like set a time interval, amount of clicks and click the button. Then you can quickly start an application by pressing the "Start" button or simply pressing "S" from your keyboard. The "S" key is a hotkey to start and stop the application.

  1. Open CB Auto Clicker Tool.
  2. Go to the hotkey option from the menu.
  3. Click on Start/Stop.
  4. Now, press any key that you want as a hotkey.
  5. The chosen key is now on be work as a hotkey.

Besides bizarre and robust features, free CB Auto Clicker is 100% efficient and risk-free. It is proven and tested on various systems by our developer team before launch. Do not hesitate to install it on your system.

But we recommend you to download only from its official website. You do not need to register or log in to the site to download it. It does not inject forceful software at the time of installation. So, use it wisely and play as long as you want.