About CB Auto Clicker

The "CB" from CB Auto Clicker is stand for Click Bizza. The autoclicker developed by Click Bizza company. Click Bizza is a reputed company in the IT and development field. We have developed a software, name--CB Auto Clicker. It is an auto-clicker that lets you automate a mouse click on the screen elements. It is open-source software available for free. We bring this software with the purpose to provides solutions to gamers and application or web developers. It is designed to be used in typical web surfing situations. It is a result of the effortless working of our research and development team.

Software developers need to test if their tool is working well. Different elements like buttons, clickable links, copy-paste functionality in web pages need to be tested. Gamers necessitate recognizing click bugs in-game before entering the game. We arrive with a helping hand for suchproblems. To ease the experiment process of gamers and developers is our utmost priority.

Our purpose:

Our features and services are influenced with a purpose to serve handy solutions to IT industries.Tech companies have to deal with various issues to achieve business goals. Hopefully, we always try to provide you extra to help you to step towards success.

The solution-oriented approach of our team helps us to be at this level. Efforts on research always enable us to think about what additional features we can provide to make life easier. We are always eager to offer the best from competitors. Your success is always ours.