Android Auto Clicker

What is an Auto Clicker?

Auto clicker is a type of software that can be used to automate the clicking of a mouse. Auto clickers come in handy in playing online games, webcam, and webpage clicking work.

Why do you need an Autoclicker?

Gamers use auto clickers to automate clicks in their favorite games. Auto clickers can help play incremental games such as cookie clickers and adventure capitalist as they require constant clicking of the mouse on the screen. A few auto clickers can click up to 1000 times per second; this is amazingly insane as it can help gamers progress to the next level in incremental games rapidly. It can be utilized to shoot efficiently at the target in shooting games that require less or no recoil. Whether it is building blocks in Minecraft or shooting at a super-fast rate in the world of warcraft, an auto clicker is the most efficient option available for gamers.

Auto clickers are helpful to figure out bugs in software. Programmers and software testers use auto clickers to ensure that the software runs smoothly and efficiently. It is convenient in eliminating major clicking bugs by making random automatic clicks in the interface to check out how the software reacts.

There are a lot of web pages on the internet that require you to constantly click on the screen to complete your task or achieve your goals [for example news and broadcast websites]. There are many online websites where you need to click instantly to redeem and grab your deal. Some pages also provide online polls that require repeated voting. Free auto clickers click on all of these pages for you without any nuisance.

Some webcam programs require users to click to take pictures, making it tough to get yourself into a good posture since you need to reach out multiple times to click the mouse. Auto clickers can prove helpful even in this situation! Just set Auto clickers to click on the take picture button and then you are free to focus on your posture.

Auto clickers can also prove helpful for the people involved in data entry jobs as they can fastly click in different cells or perform a sequence of clicks. Auto clickers are beneficial for jobs that require constant writing of similar data.

Benefits of Auto clickers for Android pages

An auto clicker is a wizard that can help PC users by taking a lot of leverage on its shoulders and perform those hectic tasks. Here are some of the benefits of using Android auto clicker-

  • It has a simple and small interface that does not block your view yet gets the work done. These interfaces are not just easy to understand but also equally easy to use.
  • Most of the options are customizable, and you get complete freedom to configure the click points, click delay, number of clicks, duration of click, and click type. It helps the user to adapt it according to their preferences.
  • It is hundred percent safe from malware and adware.
  • Low usage of CPU.
  • The best thing about auto clickers is that they save your time and effort. Because all these clicking tasks are taken over by this software you can save your time and the energy that otherwise would have been spent on constant clicking.
  • Most of the apps are programmed to carry out any action on the Android device. Generally, these apps have a floating panel that allows users to initiate or pause the tapping with ease. One can get the most out of these programs by setting actions, triggers, or even a series of commands. The best part of the auto tapper is that it does not entail any rooting of the phone. Rooting enables a user to have administrator-level permissions to the operating system environment. With rooting one can also install third-party applications that the original manufacture would not accept usually.
  • They provide other useful automated functions such as image detection and button detection.

How does it work?

With its user-friendly interface, the app is not tricky to operate. It ensures that do not have a hard time setting up its configurations. Whether it's repeated clicks, multiple points, and multiple swipes this app can handle all of that. You can also set up a global timer giving the app a specific duration of time to run. It does not require root access to function. It can also import/export automatic scripts. You need to make sure that you have at least an Android 7.0 and provide the app with Accessibility permissions.

How to use Android Auto Clicker?

  • You can download the official version of CB Autoclicker for free from
  • After downloading and installing, run the auto clicker by clicking on the icon.
  • Let us start using the app with settings.
  • You can set a time interval between clicks from minutes, milliseconds to hours according to your choice.
  • After that, the next option is the click option where you need to choose the mouse button between the left button or right button.
  • Then you select click type either a single click or double click.
  • After that, you have to set the number of clicks you want. You type the number of clicks or repeat until stopped. In that case, the clicks will stop if you click the stop button otherwise it will continuously happen.
  • Choose the cursor position. Here you have two options current location or pick a location.
  • After you complete the entire set-up process choose the keyboard shortcut that you need to use to start or stop clicking.
  • Click on the save keyboard key.
  • Now you are ready to start or stop the automated clicking.

Using the Android Auto clicker tool is quite straightforward,having a user-friendly interface so that anyone can use it conveniently. Have fun playing games and web clicking by taking the help of this tool.

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