Version 3.0.0
  1. Enables to customize hotkeys
  2. Enables to Make changes in about page
  3. Added some advanced settings and features
  4. Set time delay in mouse clicks in milliseconds, seconds, or minutes
  5. Additional click speed settings
  6. Keyboard shortcut
Version 2.9.0
  1. You can now save previous settings
  2. You can now double-click or triple-click the element.
  3. Added middle-clicking
  4. The time interval between clicking can be less than 100 milliseconds
Version 2.8.0
  1. You can easily record your gesture
  2. You can set the click time to match the set requirement
  3. You can now fix Long press and short press time
Version 2.7.0
  1. Smooth UI design, improved from classic design.
  2. Specify click location
  3. One-click start (easy to use)
Version 2.6.0
  1. Hide targeted views while auto-clicking
  2. Drag and collapse menu
  3. Show or hide menu items

Download and utilize CB auto clicker to do auto mouse clicking and let your fingers have some rest.