Privacy Policy

Welcome to one of the best auto clicker on the web. Before accessing the site, please take the time to familiarize yourself with the Click Bizza privacy description. Click Bizza to access your non-personal-identifying data while operating our website or application. If you have any queries or complaints related to our privacy statement, feel free to contact us.

We collect data for the legal purpose to improve our services. We respect the privacy of our users as it is of the farthest importance to us. We do not disclose your personal details to any third-party sites without your will and consent other than as described below. Your personal information, which only you have the rights to access, is kept safe at our server.

Your data is completely yours and has a right to delete it anytime from our database.

Cookies Policy:

Click Bizza ask a user to accept cookies before access. A user has a choice to decline cookies. However, "decline cookies" may result in the dysfunction of certain features of sites. Hence, we recommend you accept cookies for a better user experience. We use cookies to collect "Aggregate Information" of a user--the information that cannot use to define you (such as frequency of visits to our Sites, pathways for your visit, browser type, etc.). We can use and share this information with others at our discretion for business purposes.

How we control your data?

We store user data to perform statical analysis of the collective characteristics of our visitors and users. We measure user's demographics and interests to build high-quality useful services.

Use of personal information: We use personal data in various ways

  1. To study our user behavior and needs to build relevant content for them.
  2. To enhance service, information, and products.
  3. To allow you to buy our products and service or enforce you engage in activities of your choice.
  4. To protect both user and business security and integrity.
  5. To allow you to provide feedback and review our products.
  6. To provide a copy of your data that we have collected at your demand (username, email, password) in case you have forgotten.
  7. To use log files. The information inside log files such as IP (Internet Protocol), ISP (Internet service provider), Browser type helps us analyze trends and track user movement around the site.